I've gotten hold of quite an amount of film lately. And some of them I have really wanted to get a hold on for a long time.

First there is the Ortho 25 film, I tried that one – and the only time I've shot it, so far – at a weekend film workshop a year ago – see some of those photos here – and I fell totally in love with it and wanted to try it some more.
But no shops in DK have them, so I went online, and my favorite online film pusher Macodirect had them, just not in stock, I waited a few months and nothing changed. I contacted them via Twitter, asking them when it would be back in stock, and they replied hopefully late April, that's two months ago, and there is still no stock.

So I went to eBay, and found this guy from Thailand who had 5 rolls for sale, for a reasonable price. And now I have 5 rolls of Ortho 25 lying around, waiting to get used.

Another Rollei film that I really like is the CR 200, I've only tried it in – but I recently found out that it actually exists in 135 as well. They are almost impossible to find anywhere, I found one shop in the UK that have them, but they want £25 in shipping cost within the EU, so that was a total no-go.
Once again, I found some on eBay, also in the UK, but at a much more reasonable price.

Those three rolls arrived the same day as my three rolls of P30. I backed the Ferrania Kickstarter project back in 2014, and got a voucher to buy some P30 film – still waiting for the films. But I'm also looking forward to giving the P30 a go.

I also bought a few random and expired 120 film at my local pusher – One of Many Cameras – here the Ortho 25 looks like a film that's going to be awesome to shoot. The HP5 is already in use.

But the coolest of the bunch of films I've gotten lately, is the 11 rolls of 3200 – and the single roll of Neopan 1600 – I bought from Grant Meyer, and guy that I follow on Twitter. And luckily enough, I saw him selling it, because don't make the film anymore, and they are not that easy to come by.
Now I just need to come up with a cool project where I can use those 11 rolls, because I don't want to waste them on random shooting.

Once again, I've only shot one roll of the T-max 3200, but I'm totally in love with the gritty look you get when you under expose it just a little – not more the 1 stop – and then re-work it back to normal in post, by adding the 1 stop of light in Lightroom (or a similar software).

You can see some of the photos I made with my first roll here

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