I’ve gotten hold of quiet an amount of film lately. And some of them I have really wanted to get a hold on for a long time.

First the is the Rollei Ortho 25 black and white film, I tried that one – and the only time I’ve shot it, so far – at a weekend film workshop a year ago – see some of those photos here – and I fell totally in love with it and wanted to try it some more.
But no shops in DK have them, so I went online, and my luckily favorite online film pusher Macodirect had them, just not in stock, I waited a few months and nothing changed. I contacted them via Twitter, asking them when it would be back in stock and they replied hopefully late April, that’s two months ago, and there is still no stock.

So I went to eBay, and found this guy from Thailand who had 5 rolls for sale, for a reasonable price. And now I have 5 rolls of Ortho 25 lying around, waiting to get used.

Another Rollei film that I really like is the CR 200, I’ve only tried it in medium format – 120 – but I recently found out that it actually exist in 135 as well. They are almost impossible to find anywhere, I found one shop in the UK that have them, but they want £25 in shipping cost with in the EU, so that was a totally no go.
Once again I found some on eBay, also in the UK, but at a much more reasonable price.

Those three rolls arrived the same day as my three rolls of Ferrania P30. I backed the Ferrania Kickstarter project back in 2014, and got a voucher to buy some of the P30 film – still waiting for the color films. But I’m also looking forward to give the P30 a go.

I also bought a few random and expired 120 film at my local camera pusher – One of Many Cameras – here the AGFA Ortho 25 looks like a film that’s gonna be awesome to shot. The HP5 is already in use.

But the coolest of the bunch of films I’ve gotten lately, is the 11 rolls of Kodak T-max 3200 – and the single roll of Fuji Neopan 1600 – I bought from Grant Meyer, and guy that I follow on Twitter. And luckily enough I saw him selling it, because Kodak don’t make the film anymore and they are not that easy to come by.
Now I just need to come up with a cool project where I can use those 11 rolls, because I don’t wanna waste them on random shooting.

Once again I’ve only shot one roll of the T-max 3200, but I’m totally in love with the gritty look you get when you under expose it just a little – not more the 1 stop – and then re-work it back to normal in post, by adding the 1 stop of light in Lightroom (or a similar software).

You can see some of the photo I made with my first roll here

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