As many do, I’ve also been looking back on 2017 as it comes to and end. It’s been quiet a year, I haven’t made as many photos as I normally do, do to other things in my life, started a new education and just being a father to my 1-year-old son.

So did I make more analog photos in 2017 contra 2016? I sure did, I even made more analog photos than digital (not counting mobile snaps)

I also finally finished my attic photo room, which is super awesome, and I really enjoy being up there. I also got a setup, so I’m able to listen to my old vinyl records, when I’m working up there. Win win ūüôā

I started developing my own black and white photo’s, and that is going quiet well. It was a lot easier than I thought it would be.

I upgraded my scanner to a Plustek 120, which is quiet awesome. Hope to get total control of it in 2018.

What’s up for 2018? make more analog photo’s. And hopefully start a photo project or two.

Last year I picked my three favorite analog photo’s of 2017. It was a bit harder this year then last year, because there was a lot more to choose from, So I ended up with these Four, it was too hard to skip one.

Mamiya RZ67 Pro II –¬†Fujichrome Velvia 50

Pentax ME –¬†Fujichrome Sensia II 200

Pentax MX –¬†Foma Retro Pan 320

Olympus AF-1 –¬†Fujichrome Sensia 200

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