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A few frames from a Rollei CR

Rollei CR 200 ISO: 200Film format: 120Developed: E6 at the local film labCamera: Rolleicord Model III Type IIExpired:...

A stroll with a Viva 126 1000

Love the look :)

A bit about: Expired film day & my digitizing setup

I ended up using 3 films for my Expired film day photos Gevapan 33 - Expired 1966 - ISO...

I recommend! – 35mmc

Well, this month I'll recommend another cool website, this one is based in the UK and run by Hamish Gill.

A few frames from a Rollei Vario Chrome

Rollei Vario Chrome Limited Edition ISO: 200-400 (shot @ 400)Film format: 35mmDeveloped: E6 at the local film labCamera:...

Expired Film Day: I’m in for the first time

I don't know if you have heard about it, but besides the International Women's Day - which I'm all for -...

EXIF & analog photography

The one point where digital photography is superior to analog photography - I think they are equal in all other points, it...

A few frames from a Rollei Ortho 25

Rollei Ortho 25+ ISO: 25Film format: 120Developed: ID-11 (20 C. - 6 minutes)Camera: Yashica MAT LMExpired: No

March 2019

Camera: Lomography Belair X - Film: Made in EU