I recommend! –

I use this site a lot, every time I get a new - old - camera, I look it up here, to...

A few frames from a Kodak BW400CN – part 2

Kodak BW400CN ISO: 400Film format: 120Developed: At the local labCamera: Mamiya RZ67 pro IIExpired: Yes, date...

A stroll with a Vivitar Ultra Wide & Slim

The original!

Loose thoughts: What is the difference between a viewfinder and a...

The though struck me one day, and I realized that I wasn't sure what the exact different is. Because it's not like the Point...

June 2019

Camera: Fuji GW690III - Film: Kodak Portra 160

A 53-year-old GEVAPAN

GEVAPAN 33, ISO 250 (EI 16), 120 Film I used this one in...

A few frames from a Kodak BW400CN

Kodak BW400CN ISO: 400Film format: 35mmDeveloped: At the local labCamera: Canon AT-1Expired: Yes, date unknown

My son’s first analog photo

This is my 3-year-old son Balder's very first analog photo. It was made with a FED4 camera.He tried a Minolta S7 at...

I recommend! – Twitter

If you don't already have a Twitter account, I highly recommend that you go make one asap. Because I...

A few frames from a Kodak Gold 200

Kodak Gold 200 ISO: 200Film format: 35mmDeveloped: At the local labCamera: Leica Z2XExpired: Yes, date unknown

A 41-year-old Tri-X

Kodak Tri-X Pan film, ISO 400 (EI 25), 120 Film I did shoot a lot of very old...

A stroll with a Mamiya RZ67 ProII

The tank of medium format photography.

May 2019

Camera: Olympus OM-1n MD - Film: Fujifilm Superia Venus 800

A 39-year-old HP4

Ilford HP4, ISO 400 (EI 50), 120 Film Before there was HP5 ,there was HP4 I guess...

A bit about: Expired Film Day

Expired film day 2019 - final conclusion

A stroll with a Blue Underwater Camera

The worst of the worst

Loose thoughts: What does EI mean?

I've seen the abbreviation EI a lot lately - it's properly been around forever, but I just haven't noticed it, before now...

A 54-year-old Lumière Altipan

Lumière Altipan 21, ISO 100 (shot @ ISO 3), 120 Film I bought...

I recommend! – Camera Manual Library

Well, this month I'll recommend another cool website, this one is based in the US and run by Michael Butkus Jr.

A bit about: #camerachallenge

Another event on Twitter this March, was the #camerachallenge, as if the other events wasn't enough I choose to do this one...

A few frames from a Kodak Tmax 3200

Kodak Tmax 3200 ISO: 3200Film format: 35mmDeveloped: At the local labCamera: Nikkormat FTNExpired: 2002.11

A bit about: the #shittycamerachallenge

Well here in this challenge is all about the gear, and shitty cameras are right up my alley :)I dug into the...

April 2019

Camera: Olympus OM-1n MD - Film: AGFA Ortho 25

A few frames from a CineStill 800

CineStill 800T ISO: 800Film format: 35mmDeveloped: C41 at the local film labCamera: Nikon FEExpired: No

A bit about: the #FP4party

So I join the #fp4party event on Twitter, for the first time.For those of you who are not sure what that is...