Another , my father gave to me, when he was working at a thrift store, where they didn't sell old cameras, they just threw them out. I could let that happen, so I told him to bring them to me, I got quite a few cameras that way, unfortunately a lot of them were broken, but I got this one, and I must say that I really like the design of this small camera, I love that you can see the zone focus and light metering from the top of the camera.

There are a lot of good things to say about this camera, it's small, robust and got a very fast lens. The only downside is that the lightmeter is a selenium lightmeter, which slowly stops work over time.

Remember, if you got a camera with a selenium lightmeter, store it in a dark spot as possible, that way you extend the life span of the lightmeter.

Well as always you got my rating and a photo gallery below, enjoy!

  • The Looks
  • The Quality
  • The Handling
  • The Price
  • The Output

Short Description

It's a great little pocket camera with a sharp lens.


  • Small
  • Robust
  • Fast lens
  • Easy to see focus and metering


  • Selenium lightmeter
  • Zone focus

Photo Gallery

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