Mon, 10 Dec, 2018



Agfamatic 50

63% - The father of Instagram.

Ansel Adams: A Documentary Film

Ansel Adams - documentary film

Starting up again

I'm back!

Got my Fujica V2 fixed

by my friend Kenneth Olsen

February 2017

Still scanning & some questions popped up.

And little Q&A for you.

January 2017

Last day of 2016

Last day of 2016 - a look back & forward at my analog photography

Re-scanning all my negatives

Vuescan is an amazing piece of software.

White Slim Angel

66% - A real point and shoot camera

Reflecta RubyScan

15% - a very crappy scanner

Another day at the thrift store

More thrift store goodies

December 2016

Soho Myna – All Distance

71% - This was my very first bell camera.

Day 2 of more new old stuff

Two lenses, a winder and a limited edition camera!

Two “new” SLR’s

Got me a Nikon FTN and a Olympus OM-1 at the thrift store today

Info Video: The Basic Photography

Military Police Photography 1965 US Army Training Film; Basic Photography

Kodak Gold Plus

Samples from a Kodak Gold Plus film

Info Video: The Basic Camera

Film Cameras: "The Basic Camera" 1948 US Navy; Fundamentals of Photography.

November 2016

Kodak Elite Chrome Extra Colour

First ever Kodak Elite Chrome, and I like it

Remembering the Dead

A old woman I meet at the Piskaryovskoye Memorial Cemetery in St. Petersburg.

A few films I’m looking forward to try

3 new 35mm films

Minolta XG 2

70% - My first SLR camera, bought it from a friend back in 1996.

October 2016