I have to know what all the fuzz is about, so I have decided to buy a , and a quick scroll through eBay shows me there are quite a few models, but I knew from start that I wanted an M model, which narrows it down a bit, but there are still quite a few “M” models to choose from.

My prize range is around 6.000 – 8.000Dkr ($900 – $1.200), again that narrows it down a lot. So much that it seems like it's gonna be a run down between the M3, M4 and M5.

So now the real search began. I quickly found out that the M3 uses a take up spool, for the film. It states a lot of place on the web, that it's easy to use – once you get the hang of it – and that might be true, but in my world that's a no go, I don't wanna fiddle around what that kind of stuff. So the M3 was out.

Another thing I found out, just as quickly was that the M5 is one ugly , I know it's a bit stupid, but it is ugly! And it's also a bit heavier and bigger than the M3 & M4, and that is not cool. On the plus side is, that it has a build in lightmeter. But it was out of the equation as well.

So it all added up to the fact, that it was going to be the M4 that I had to buy. And luckily my local camera pusher – One of many Cameras – had one on the shelf. So I'm now the proud owner of a .

Then there are the lenses, but that's a whole other story, I started out simple (and cheap) with a Summaron f3.5 lens.

I will of course write a “stroll” post about the camera in a near future, once I have once it for a bit.

Here are some of the places I went for info on the matter.

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