Here’s a quick comparison of what I think is good and bad about the Vuescan, Epson and Silverfast scanner software. They were tested on an Epson V700 and/or Plustek 120 scanner.

I stop using the Epson software a while ago, so it might not be as precise a judgment as Vuescan and Silverfast, because it’s made from my memories of the software.

And this is of course my personal experience with the different software, yours maybe different. So feel free to add you experience in the comments below.

UpdatesFreeFreePay for them
Scan framingAnnoyingGoodAnnoying
UsabilityVery hardEasyVery hard
SettingsA lotCan’t remember A lot
UpdatedFrequentlyCan’t rememberNot very often
CompatibilityLots of scannersEpson onlyLots of scanners
Work processSlowSlowVery slow
LicenseEndlessEndlessOne scanner
Film profilesYesNoYes
InterfaceBadVery goodGood
Infrared cleaningYesCan’t rememberYes
Learning curveSteepGoodVery steep

I – as mentioned above – don’t use the Epson software anymore, and haven’t for some time now. My go to scanner software is Vuescan, although the learning curve is a bit steep, it’s still the best software out there if you ask me. Silverfast is not bad, it’s simply just to big a hassle to use.
And now that the Lightroom plugin Negative Lab Pro has become part of my workflow, Vuescan is the only software I can use.

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