My second – the first being a Leica minilux, with a stroll post coming up later on – is a beat up , with the last name Z2X and it's totally awesome.

Even though the minilux properly is a better – and a lot more expensive – than the Z2X. I must say that I prefer the Z2X over the minilux. It just feels nicer to use, and I got a lot more good photos out of it than I did with the minilux. And it feels more like a point and shoot camera, than the clumsy minilux.
It also feels cheaper – more plastic – than the minilux, but you have the advantage of a zoom lens, some may say that is a disadvantage, because of the loss of sharpness, and they got a point. But in my case I saw it as an advantage that I had the ability to zoom a little.

Anyway, the camera is in the bigger end of point and shoot cameras, and because of that it often ends back home on the shelf, in favor of a smaller PS camera. I do that myself, so far I've only had one film through the camera, Which a bit of a shame, because the camera is pretty good.

It's a keeper in my book, even though I don't use it that much. And I will definitely recommend buying it if you happen to find one. The price is normally OK – for a Leica- I paid 40 Dkr. ($6) for mine. Have a look at the photos below, and make your own decision.

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  • The Looks
  • The Quality
  • The Handling
  • The Price
  • The Output

In short!

Nice point & shot from Leica


  • Great lens
  • Cheap (for a Leica)
  • Zoom lens


  • A bit big
  • Plastic

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