I’m still not sure on what´s the “right way” of a negative, so I decided to make a little test run.

Here’s the same photo scanned and converted using four different methods.
They are all scanned on an using the software. And shoot on “” film, with a “” camera

  1. Scanned the negative as a positive with no settings.
  2. Scanned the negative as a positive with a Vuescan film profile, that I thought was fitting.
  3. Scanned with no settings, then converted to a negative, and then converted back to a positive using .
  4. Scanned as a negative and then converted to a positive with Colorperfect.

As you can see below, the only one that really stands out is the negative/Colorperfect one (the last photo) the other three are almost alike.

But I’m still not sure which one is correct, I mean the obvious choice would be one of the first 3 – doesn’t really matter which one, since they are so alike – but what if they are all wrong and it’s the lone rider at no. 4 that’s correct?

How do you know? Is it all up to taste, you just pick the one you like.
In my case I would like to go with the one that has as much of the film’s character/color in its digital version as possible, but how do I know which one that is!?

(use arrows on the keyboard to browse through all four)

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