Back in 2005 – or maybe early 2006 – I saw some photos made be a woman named Laura Burlton in a Danish photo magazine. It was these blurry and soft focused photos, that oozes atmosphere, and I feel in love with them on the spot.
I found out that she was on Flickr (I think there was a note in the magazine)
Here I found out that the she used was called Holga, and there was a whole community of people that was shooting with old toy (plastic) cameras, called Lomography.

I knew I wanted to be a part of that.

There are a lot of cool “lomo” photos on Laura's Flickr profile. This is one of the photo's I saw in the magazine – Lion smiley

Well fast-forward to the summer of 2006, here I went on a road trip through Eastern Europe, with a few of my friends.
I ended up in a local camera shop in Prague, Czech Republic.
Where I bought this Corina, I can't remember what I paid for it, but it wasn't much. Today you can buy one on eBay for around $20, which I think is a fair price.

I also had it with me on a trips to USA, Thailand, India and Morocco. Where I actually made some really nice photos with it, not lomo like, but nice anyway.
It was the only analog camera I used for a couple of years – besides my digital camera – now I don't use it that much anymore. Just keeping it for nostalgic reasons.

The Corina was made by Druopta in Czechoslovakia around 1960. The handling is pretty simple, it has a 1 human, a family & a house focus system. Four shutter speeds – B, 25,50 & 75. Two apertures settings – 11 & 16. So there it's much you can do wrong. But on the other hand it can also be kind of hard to get things right, with the limited settings.
I have a had time not getting the photos to overlap each other, but it's properly just me.
And another thing, I bought it to make dream like lomo photos, but it's actually to good, or let me rephrase that it's not “bad” enough 🙂

Usefull links

  • The Looks
  • The Quality
  • The Handling
  • The Price
  • The Output

In short!

Not that great a camera, but it was my very first “lomo” camera, and the first is always special.



  • It can be a bit tricky not to get overlapping photos
  • A little to big

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