The AF-1 is quite a nice little . And although it's not as good-looking as the Mju II, but it has – as far as I could find out – the same f2.8 lens. And I only paid 20 Dkr – $3 – for mine, so it's a whole lot cheaper than the Mju II, and I think you get the same quality photo's out of the AF-1 as with the Mju II.

It's a little big for a point and shoot, if you ask me. I like point and shoot camera's that fit in my pants pockets, and this one doesn't. It fits easily in a jacket pocket. But that is of course all a matter of preferences.

Design wise this camera won't win any awards, it's mainly just a plastic brick with a lens – a good lens nonetheless – but it does what it's suppose to, make photos in a nice and simple way.

You can't turn off the flash – the only downside I can find about this camera – so I made many of the photo's on the first roll of film at night, and made up a dogma where I should use the flash every time and the flash should be a visual part of the photo.
And that actually turned out rather cool, I think.

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In short!

This camera has the same lens as the pricey Mju II.


  • Cheap.
  • Great lens.
  • Auto focus.


  • Flash can't be turned off.
  • A little too big.

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