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I've shot my very first roll of Color Implosion film from Adox, it's a , with a greenish/blue tone and a whole lot of grain, especially for an ISO 100 film.

But if you like me, love – a lot of – film grain, this film is just for you. It works very well when you use it outside on a sunny day, and you make sure you have some nature in your frame, green goes well with this one.

But I also think it does pretty good, when you're making photo's of people. I love the skin tones it produces, but take a look at the two portraits I added in the gallery below – that's my dad and mom – and judge for yourself.

I also added a few sunset photos for you to check out.

Unfortunately, it looks like the film is only available until about the middle of 2017, which must be now! So if you want to try out this film, you properly shouldn't wait too long.

The price here in DK is $7.50, and you can buy it here –

(All photos are made with a )

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