Adox Color Implosion, ISO 100, 35mm

I’ve shot my very first roll of Color Implosion film from Adox, it’s a special effect film, with a greenish/blue tone and a whole lot of grain, especially for a ISO 100 film.

But if you like me, love – a lot of – film grain, this film is just for you. It works very well when you use it outside on a sunny day, and you make sure you have some nature in you frame, green goes well with this one.

But I also thing it does pretty good, when your making photo’s of people. I love the skin tones it produces, but take a look at the two portraits I added in the gallery below – that’s my dad and mom – and judge for yourself.

I also added a few sunset photo for you to check out.

Unfortunately it looks like the film is only¬†available until about the middle of 2017, which must be now! So if you want to try out this film, you properly shouldn’t wait to long.

The price here i DK is $7.50, and you can buy it here –¬†

(All photo’s are made with a Nikon FE)

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.