Ektachrome 50 , , film

So this film expired back in December 1984, I was once told as a rule of thumb that you should pull 1 stop for each decade the film is too old, which in this case would have been 3 stops. I don’t always agree with that, because it also depends on how the film was stored, and which film is it, and so on.

I choose to shoot it at ISO 25 (-1 stop), which wasn’t quiet enough, I should have gone for -2.

It’s a tungsten film, so I went out to shoot some urban stuff, in a newer part of Copenhagen. Unfortunately the colors didn’t turn out very well – as you can see in the color photos below – so I converted a lot of them to black and white, where they look a lot better.

I even managed to make a double exposure – not a very good one – which I was sure wasn’t possible with a Rollicord, but apparently it is.

(All photo’s are made with a )

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