Adox Silvermax 100, ISO 100, 35mm

So far I’ve only tried 1 roll of Adox Silvermax 100, but I’m already in love. I think it’s up there with the Kodak Tri-X 400 – which is properly the best black & white on the market today.

So what’s so great about this film, well there are two things I like about this film, first the grey scale is just awesome, from the richness of the black in the shadows over the soft grey in the mid tones and the pure whites in the highlights. and secondly I really like the dynamic range, you get with this film.

The price for a roll here in Denmark is $7.50, so in Danish standars it a mid-range 135 film price tag – you can buy it here:

I all ready bought a few more rolls, and can’t wait to use them.

But I wont say that much more, I’ll just let the photo’s speak for them self.

(All photo’s are made with a Olympus OM-1)

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