Vario Chrome Limited Edition

  • ISO: 200-400 (shot @ 400)
  • Film format:
  • Developed: E6 at the local film lab
  • : K1000
  • Expired: No

Rollei introduced a new positive film a year or so ago. In a limited edition, which makes Its kind of hard – if not impossible – to come by these days, my latest search in eBay didn't find any.
Anyway I bought two 35 mm rolls – don't think it was available in -and I use one of them in my .
I'm not sure if I like the look of the film or not, it has this expired film look, which I normally really like, when it comes from an expired film, but a new film should produce something that I can't already get where.
And it has a lot of grain, which I also normally like, on negative film. Here I think it's a bit too much,
I think I'm gonna shoot my last roll at – maybe even 100 – to see if that helps with the grain.

But see for yourself.

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