Balda Jubilette

Yesterday I went to two thrift stores, they are both open only one day a month – the first Saturday – which makes them really crowed.

Anyway I manage to find a few good things, at the first store I got a Minolta 50mm f:2.0 lens, a 35mm scanner, which is a bit old,
but I only paid $7 for it so I took my chances, and hope that it works – looks like it does – and that I can get it to work with my computer. I got a pack of old Ilford photo paper. I also got a Balda Jubilette 35mm camera, which dates back to around 1938 – it’s the camera on the featured image – I just popped in the first film, now I just hope it’s working.

Set back: $43

They had quite a few camera’s at the first store, but I had to carry my son the whole time, and that makes it quite hard to go through a bunch of cameras, and the ones I did get to test, seamed to be not working, and then it’s a no buy for me.

The "good" scanner

At the second store, I got 3 Paterson developer tanks – one has never been used – another 35mm scanner, which I have already tested and it is totally crappy, which I kind of had a feeling it would be – 35mm splicer and an old negative viewer that looks totally awesome, I’ll make a post about that one later on. And the best thing, I got all the stuff for just $14.

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