Saturday, 11 July, 2020

Project 20.53 #Week 11

The new camera and new film every week in 2020 project

July 2020

Camera: Minolta XG2 - Film: Konica VX 200

Project 20.53 #Week 10

The new camera and new film every week in 2020 project

A stroll with a Olympus 35 EC

One of the best viewfinder cameras I have tried.

June 2020

Camera: Nikon FE - Film: Washi S

Project 20.53 #Week 9

The new camera and new film every week in 2020 project

Loose thoughts: the redscale trick with slide film

As you properly know the redscale film is made by turning the color negative film "around" so the light gets through the film from the back side.And that made me think, can you do the same with a slide film? Has anyone ever tried it?Or am I missing something obvious, that indicates that it...

Project 20.53 #Week 8

The new camera and new film every week in 2020 project

A few frames from a Konica Chrome Centuria

Konica Chrome Centuria 100 ISO: 100Film format: 35mmDeveloped: At the local labCamera: Nikon F70Expired: No I started scanning my old negatives, and this one is the very first cross processing I ever made, well it was a mistake from the lab, they developed the slide film (E6) in C41 chemicals....

Favored location: Copenhagen Central Station

Copenhagen Central Station, like many other major train stations, it's a good place to do some street and architectural photography. I also work here, that gives me access to some otherwise impossible to go to spots, and that of course makes this location a bit extra nice - for me. Most of the photos...

Project 20.53 #Week 7

The new camera and new film every week in 2020 project

A quick look at Negative Lab Pro

The best way to convert your analog negatives.

May 2020

Camera: Pentax ME Super - Film: Polaroid HDF 1

Favored location: the foosball table

Apparently I like making photos of the foosball table - didn't know that was the English word for it, had to look it up - Well it is placed in spot that I often pass by, so that might explain the obsession a bit. I actually never seen anyone use it, and I'm not sure how you...

I started developing 110 film at home

How to develop 110 film at home - or my way of doing it.

Project 20.53 #Week 6

The new camera and new film every week in 2020 project

How to check if your film is loaded correctly

I made this little video on how to check if your film is loaded correctly in your camera, without opening the back and exposing the film to light. I used an SLR camera, but it of course also works on other types of cameras, as long as they have the "turning nob".

A few frames from a Lomography Redscale – Part 2

Lomography Redscale XR ISO: 50Film format: 120Developed: At the local labCamera: Rolleicord Model III Type II Expired: No As I wrote in the first redscale post, I'm not really sure if I like or dislike redscale film. Sometimes I think they look really awesome and well sometimes not so...

I recommend! – FilmTrackr

I just found out this site existed, even though it has been online for several years, I guess that's the beauty of the internet.I wrote a post earlier about something similar to this - EXIF & analog photography - at least the part with the apps is(I found out that my beloved EXIF4film app is back online...

April 2020

Camera: Chinon CE-4 - Film: Fujicolor Superia 200

Project 20.53 #Week 5

The new camera and new film every week in 2020 project

Red and blue spots on two rolls of AGFA RSX II

I had two rolls of AGFA RSX II, both were expired in February 2004, and if I remember correctly, then I bought them at the same time, a year ago. Since I bought them they have been stored cold, but before that I have no idea.I used the first roll a year ago and shoot it with...

A stroll with a Minolta Hi-Matic 7s

Good and cheap rangefinder camera.

My very first time

Well, this is my younger brother, father and mother on a camping ground somewhere in Germany sometime in the early 80s (1981 or 82 I think).And since I'm not in the photo, I must be behind the camera, and it's the oldest photo I can find - I have look through every...

I recommend! – a Soviet and Russian camera database

If you're considering buying a Russian made camera, then this "little" database is the place to go for information on a whole lot of Russian cameras. I have personally used it a couple of time, mostly when I wanted to find info on a camera I all ready bought. Unfortunately I don't think the...