Thursday, 17 October, 2019

I recommend! – Film Photography Project

Today I want to recommend FPP (short for Film Photography Project) according to them self they are An Internet Radio Show & On-Line Resource for Film Shooters Worldwide.This site is just an awesome place to gather more analog photography knowledge, have fun and shop for film. The only downside I can find - and...

A stroll with a Leica minilux

My very first Leica, and one of the best bargains I'm made, bought it for 75Dkr. ($11.50) and sold it for 1800Dkr. ($270), I could live with finding a few more of those. There were two reasons that made me sell the camera. The first one is simple, I'm not a fan, the...

A few frames from a Lomography Redscale

Lomography Redscale XR ISO: 50Film format: 35mmDeveloped: At the local labCamera: Minolta Minoltina P Expired: No I'm still not really sure on, what I think about redscale film. I sometimes think - like with the photos below - it turns out totally awesome. And other times not so much.

October 2019

Camera: Nikon FE - Film: Rollei ORTHO 25

A few frames from a Lomochrome Turquoise

Lomochrome Turquoise XR 100-400 ISO: 100Film format: 35mmDeveloped: At the local labCamera: Minolta ALFExpired: No This is a difficult film to use if you ask me, in hard I mean finding subjects that looks good with this film. And I must admit that I'm not that found of...

Which film in which camera?

With a collection of just around 250 working cameras, and a habit to have film in multiple at the time, it was hard for me to remember what film I had in which camera. I had to come up with some sort of system, where I could organize it. So this is how I keep track of...

I recommend! – Two websites with film developing information

The first one is I think this is the most used site/app among analog photographers. I see it every time someone recommends a place with good info.And I'm no exception, because it is a very good site. The second one is which I think is just as good as digitaltruth....

A stroll with a Leica Z2X

My second Leica - the first being a Leica minilux, with a stroll post coming up later on - is a beat up point and shoot, with the last name Z2X and it's totally awesome. Even though the minilux properly is a better camera - and a lot more expensive - than...

Thinking of buying a Leica – but which one?

What Leica in the $900 - $1.200 prize range, is the best

Vuescan vs Epson vs Silverfast

I have compared Vuescan with Epson's scanner software

September 2019

Camera: Noblex Pro 6-150 UX - Film: Kodak Portra 160

A stroll with a Nikon FE

How all SLR should be

I got a bad developer from Ars-Imago

First I just wanna clarify that this not a rant against Ars-Imago - shit happens - It's more like a heads up to them, that there can be a problem (Ars-Imago if you should happen to reading this and want to know more, feel free to contact me). A few...

A stroll with a Diana

The original Diana

A few frames from a Lomography Berlin

Lomography Berlin ISO: 400Film format: 35mmDeveloped: At home in Cinestill Df96Camera: Pentax ME Expired: No Lomography recently put two new films on the market, this one and one called Potsdam, they are both black and white. I also got a couple of rolls, of the Potsdam in the fridge,...

I recommend! – Three analog photography Web shops

Here are the web shops that I mainly use - and of course recommend - when I'm shopping analog stuff. Remember that I live in Copenhagen, Denmark. So this list is from a European point of view. There are properly bunches of other shops in the US and Asia that are really cool as...

Camera imports from the northern part of Jutland

I spend a week this summer at my in-laws in the northern part of Jutland, and as always when I'm up there I go out chasing old cameras at flea markets and in thrift stores.And as always I end up with a couple (read 8) of New - old - cameras, that I just couldn't live without...

LAB-BOX – first impression

I finally got my hands on the Kickstarter project I backed, back in 2017 - the LAB-BOX from Ars-Imago. I made a couple of videos, where I'm using it for the first time. To get a real first time impression of it. The first video Here I...

August 2019

Camera: Olympus OM-1n MD - Film: Kodak Portra 800

A stroll with a Nikon F70

My second "real" camera.

A few frames from a CineStill 50

CineStill 50D ISO: 50Film format: 120Developed: At home in Tetenal ColortecCamera: Pentax 6×7 IIExpired: No The other color film from CineStill - the first being the 800T - is a 50 ISO daylight film, they also make a black and white film, that I will show some frames from...

How I’m keeping track of my film stock

Screenshot of my film stock sheet
Here's how I keep track of my ever growing film stock. It's actually pretty simple. I haven't always done this, but 6 months - or so - ago I decided that I wanted to keep track of my ever growing film stock. So I didn't keep buying film I already had plenty of in...

A quick look at VueScan

The best scanner software I have ever tried.

Copenhell 2019

I went to the metal festival Copenhell for the first time this year, because my all time favorite band Tool was headlining, the last time they played in Denmark was back in 2006 on another festival - the Roskilde festival - and then I didn't see them, actually I haven't seen them live since 1994!So I wasn't...

I recommend! –

Did you know that on Ilford's website they have a whole section called "the Learning Zone" I just recently learned about this, through the #filmjune hashtag on Twitter. But there is more to it, then just the "Learning Zone" - that ranks the guides from beginners to experts, so there is something for...