You don't actually take a stroll with a RZ67, it's a beast of a in every way, It's and not a very “mobile” camera, but it makes up for that in the photo quality, which is almost unbeatable.

The RZ67 was my first real quality camera, and the very first with a waist finder, which I got hooked on the second I looked through it. Man you just get sucked into it those things, and especially on the RZ67, never see anything waist finder like it.

And if you are a sucker for nice and loud shutter sounds – like I am – then you won't be disappointed with the shutter on the RZ67, it's very nice and loud! 🙂

A really awesome feature on this camera, is the ability to rotate the film back, so in order to switch between portrait and landscape mode, you simply just rotate the back of the camera, that is genius.
And of course – like all these pack film cameras – it's really nice that you can change the film back, and have different films – I normally had 1 and 1 – to switch between, without the need to use up a whole film first.

A downside – and yes it has one – is that it doesn't use the whole image space when you're using the back. It only shoots in square format, not the full 6×7 on the Polaroids, and that's a real shame.

Unfortunately I'm not using the camera enough anymore, got a lot of other awesome cameras, that are easier to carry around. But I sure have had a lot of nice times with this camera, but I will properly sell it some time soon. And use the money on a camera that I would use.

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  • The Looks
  • The Quality
  • The Handling
  • The Price
  • The Output

In short!

It weighs like a tank, but it makes photos like a tiger 🙂


  • Waist finder
  • Photo quality


  • Weight
  • Polaroids are not 6×7

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