Here's how I keep track of my ever growing film stock. It's actually pretty simple.

I haven't always done this, but 6 months – or so – ago I decided that I wanted to keep track of my ever growing film stock. So I didn't keep buying film I already had plenty of in stock.

As I mention above, it's not that complicated. I just made a sheet in , and started adding my films.

I made different columns with things I need to know about the film.
Of course there is one with the name of the film, then one with how many I got, then we have one with what format, ISO, number of shoots on the film, develop process and last a column with notes.

The only column that is a bit “special” is the one with how many rolls I got, I made that one with a variable shift from green to red. Green means that I have a lot in stock and red means I don't. I think that makes it easier to get a quick overview of what I got in stock.

Screenshot of my film stock sheet

Screenshot of my film stock sheet

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