I used the Epson with my Epson V700 scanner, for a long time, but always wonder why my scans wasn't sharp, like I saw other peoples scans are, mine were just a bit blurry.

But read more about that here.

As you can read from my previous post, I like a lot. It might not be the easiest piece of software to get started with – I'm still learning new stuff about it – but once you get a hang of it, it's not that bad.
And it might look like something that was designed in the mid 90ties, but hey retro is in right!?

One of the bigger issues I have with the software is the “framing” of scan areas, that could have been better, you can to easily select the next “frame” even though you think you are still work with the “frame” you selected at first, doesn't make a lot of sense, in writing 🙂 but if you are a user, you properly/hopefully know what I mean. But again you get use to it after a while, I did.

Two of the really awesome things about Vuescan, is you get free updates for life once you bought it (if you buy the professional version – $89,95 – which I highly recommend), mine was “put away” – because I used the Epson software, and had a long period where I didn't scan anything – but once I started using it again, I just updated it to the latest version, now that's nice!
And secondly it works with a lot of scanners, even some very old ones, where there are no software and drives to find anywhere on the world wide web.

So in short, of the three scanner software I have tried – the other two being Epson and Silverfast – Vuescan is by far the one that I prefer.

Useful links

  • The Look
  • The Handling
  • The Price
  • The Output

In short!

The best scanner software out there.


  • OK price.
  • Free updates.
  • Works with a lot of scanners also older ones.


  • “Framing” of scan areas not so good.

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