I went to the metal festival Copenhell for the first time this year, because my all time favorite band Tool was headlining, the last time they played in Denmark was back in 2006 on another festival – the Roskilde festival – and then I didn’t see them, actually I haven’t seen them live since 1994!
So I wasn’t gonna miss them this time around, not knowing what day they were playing, I just bought a ticket for all 4 days.

Anyway. I decided to bring one camera and one film. Since I wanted something easy to use and carry around, I those my trusted . And I wanted a color film with a high ISO, so I those .

So what was I trying to capture? My idea was to just capture my friends and the concert I was attending. I didn’t want to think too much about how I made the photos, and hopefully that would give the photos this 80ties feel.

Did I get what I came for? Yes and no. really like some of the photo’s I captured. But if I go again some time, I will properly make a few changes. I still want one camera/one film. But I think I want a 50mm lens instead of the 35mm lens there is on the L35, because I felt the 35mm to be a bit to wide for this. I also think I’ll go all black and white, maybe the Delta 3200 from Ilford, to get a more gritty and rough look, which I think would fit perfectly with the metal theme and the industrial surroundings of the festival.

(I took the freedom to convert some of the photo’s to black and white, because they just looked better that way.)

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

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