The one point where digital photography is superior to analog photography – I think they are equal in all other points, it all depends on the look and feel you want, if you should go for digital or analog – is that digital has EXIF data in its files.

That's a feature that I'm really missing when I'm shooting analog.

But there are ways of getting EXIF data in your digitized analog photos.

I found 3 – now only 2 – ways of doing just that.

Is a ' where you can add all kinds of info on your photos, of course you have to make notes on shutter speed, aperture and so on while you are in the field, and then add them manually when the film has been developed and scanned.
You can save info in the software, such as and film names, so you reuse them.
Unfortunately the software hasn't been updated since 2013, it crashes a little too often.

Find it here –

AnalogExif screendump

Is a plugin that gives you the option to enter – and alter – EXIF data to your photos.
There isn't that much to say about i, other than this is the one I personally use.

Find it here –

Lenstagger screendump

3 Exif4film
The third – and the one that is no more – was an Android , where you could add info on your photos while you were on the go. And there was a piece of software that added your info to your photos, once they were developed and scanned.
It was a really awesome app – made by a Danish company – but it looks like they have removed it from Play Market, I don't understand why!?
It was free, but if the problem was funding!!, I just what to add that I would have paid money for it.

Anyway it's gone now 🙁

There are two other analog EXIF data apps, but they are not that good, so I haven't really used them enough to make a judgment.
You can find them here, the first one is called EXIF Notes and the other one is Analog.

When I was writing this post, I did a bit of research, and I actually found an app that looks really promising. Photographer's Notebook BETA as the title says it's in BETA mode. I'll properly write about it in another post, once I tested it, and it goes out of BETA.

(I'm a Windows and Android kind of guy, so I don't know if there are any cool stuff out there for MAC and iPhone)

The joy of EXIF data in analog photos yeahhh!!

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