Another on this March, was the #camerachallenge, as if the other events wasn't enough I choose to do this one as well 🙂

The was to shoot a film that was more the 5 years old – or the older the better – the challenge is hosted by Jason Avery and varies from challenge to challenge.

I shoot two rolls of film for the challenge, a (expired: September 1978) and an HP4 (expired: August 1980), both rolls shoot with a MAT LM.

They both came out OK, unfortunately I didn't have enough developer in the HP4 tank – thought I had enough for two tanks, but it turned out I didn't :/ – when I developed it, which gave the photos a black line on the right side.

I use Tmax developer for both films, socking them in it for 8 minutes.

But take a look below, and see for yourself.

Kodak Tri-X PAN

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