I ended up using 3 films for my photos

  • – Expired 1966 – ISO 250 shooting it at ISO 16
  • Ektar 1000 – Expired 1994 – ISO 1000 shooting it at ISO 250
  • Kodak Ektrapress Multi – Expired Unknown – shooting it at

Really looking forward to seeing the results from the Ektar 1000 film, Wish that there still was made high ISO film.

used is a Spotmatic for the Ektrapress, a Chinon CE-4 for the Ektar 1000, and last but not least a for the Gevapan 33.

Now I just hope for some nice weather, today – which was day 1 of the expired film 3 days run – was all rain and greyish.

I'm also experimenting with a DSLR digitizing setup, it's still in the early stage and I'm nowhere near a final solution. But I still like to share a few pictures of it.

Here are a few results from the setup. Raw without any kind of post process, just converted from negative to positive with .

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