So I join the #fp4party on , for the first time.
For those of you who are not sure what that is exactly. It's a monthly event, where you shoot some FP4(+) film on the first week of the month and then you post the photos you like from that roll on the 3rd week of the month.

I loaded a brand-new roll of FP4+ in a F65, and went out shooting. I actually managed to fill the whole film with pictures during the shooting week.
But unfortunately I screwed up the development, I used Ilford ID-11 (1 liter at stock mixture), but it was film no. 15 I had through the developer, and you have to add 10% time for each roll you put through it, and I don't think I added enough time.
The whole roll looked like it was a 20-year-old film, and it wasn't it was a brand-new film.

Normally I don't mind the washed out look, you get from expired film, but when I use a new film I like it to look like a new film.

Anyway, below are the photos I posted during the post week. It was the best of the bunch. And I must admit that some of them look kind of cool, with the washed out look.

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