My dad brings a lot of used cameras from time to time – he works at a thrift shop, where they don't sell old electronic stuff – and one day this little gem, was hiding among the lot. And I just could stand for the design, it kind of looks like an old television made out of wood, but of course it's all .

Apparently it was made in France in the seventies by a company called FEX. It uses cartridge film (28×28), has a fixed focus lens.
The only features on this are the possibility to choose between a “Flash” and a “Sun” setting, on the front of the camera. And you then can use a flash cube with it as well. I think it needs a battery for flash to work, I didn't test that.

I was gladly surprised that there was anything on the film at all, because I was pretty sure that the shutter wasn't working. There is close to no sound when you press it, and the whole feel to it, just felt off, it felt broken.
And the film winder wasn't to good either.

But the gallery below showed me wrong, the film I used was an expired Super SR200 film. And I'm a little impressed with the results – especially because I thought, I would get nothing on the film at all.
Of course, they are nowhere near sharp – and the expired film don't help that in any way – but I was expecting that, and I still think that some photos, especially the first one with the bike, the one with the donkey and the one with my mother, came out OK, all things considered.

Would I recommend this camera? Properly not.
I got it for free, and it was fun shooting with it. I might run another film through it sometime in the future, but it's not a camera I'm going to use that much.

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  • The Looks
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  • The Handling
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  • The Output

In short!

Special looking 126 film – camera.


  • The look.
  • 126 film.


  • All plastic.
  • 126 film.

Photo Gallery

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