• ISO: 50
  • Film format:
  • Developed: At the local lab
  • : Minoltina P
  • Expired: No

I'm still not really sure on, what I think about redscale film. I sometimes think – like with the photos below – it turns out totally awesome. And other times not so much.

The redscale film is made by turning the negative film “around” so the light gets through the film from the back side. I guess there are different looks with different films. This one is from Lomography, and this one I really like. I tried a few others, but are not as happy with those. But so far I have only shot one roll of each, have to go through a few more before I can tell if they always look the same, when the source is the same.

So all in all I just have to shoot some more of it, and see how often they turn out good and bad.

I auto white balanced the first three photos below, in Lightroom. It takes the edge of the redscale effect, which I like to do on some photos, it makes them better I think.

But have a look for yourself below.

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