With a collection of just around 250 working , and a habit to have film in multiple at the time, it was hard for me to remember what film I had in which . I had to come up with some sort of system, where I could organize it. So this is how I keep track of my camera collection, and which film I have in which camera.

It's very simple actually, I just made a sheet in , and started adding my cameras. And in that process; I found out that I could keep track of a lot of other stuff as well, and the geek in me really liked that (I'm still adding things to keep track of, once in a while).

OK a quick walk through of the list. Of course the rows are the different cameras, no trickery in that.
The columns however are the interesting ones, so let me elaborate on them.

CameraThe name of the camera in alphabetic order
Film BrandName of the film in the camera
ISOISO of that film
Shot countHow many photos on the film
Date loadedThe day the film was inserted
ExpiredNo, yes – when
Type, positive or black & white
NoteVarious notes
LensWhat kind of lens on the camera
Min. focusThe shortest focus distance
MountCamera mount
ISO rangeWell the ISO range of the camera
BatteryWhat kind of battery the camera uses, if any
Film Type, , and so on
AspectThe aspect ratio of the photo
SerialSerial number of the camera
YearThe year the camera was first made
StyleSLR, Rangefinder, Point & shoot and so on
RatingMy personal rating
WWWLink to more info
(three columns not in the images below)
Paid What I paid for the camera
Value What it's worth (or close to it)
Note Two More notes 🙂

Here are a couple of screen dumps, so the above hopefully makes a bit more sense.

I also made a list of the lenses, filters and other photo related things I got. With the same starting point as above. Guess I'm a sucker for lists, but it also helps me keep track of what I got.

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