I finally got my hands on the Kickstarter project I backed, back in 2017 – the LAB-BOX from Ars-Imago.

I made a couple of videos, where I’m using it for the first time. To get a real first time impression of it.

The first video

Here I develop a Kentmere PAN 400, 35mm film. That one turn out really well.

The 35mm film

The second video

I’m getting my hands dirty with an Ilford Delta 400 120 film. That one didn’t go so well. I completely ruin the film.

The ruined Ilford Delta 400 – 120 film

The third video

But that didn’t stop me, I tried with another 120 film – an Ilford HP5+ – and this time I got better. Only the first part of the film – one frame – got ruined.

The HP5+ 120 film

I actually developed a third 120 film, an Ilford FP4+, and that one was prefect. So it’s a matter of practice I guess, at least with the 120 films.

The perfect FP4+ 120 film

So was it worth the wait?

I think it was. It’s made for developing black and white film, I for one wouldn’t go into developing color film, that’s for sure. It’s just too hard to control the temperature.

But for black and white I think it’s perfect, especially 35mm – 120 takes a bit more practice – and with a monobath developer, you have a developed black and white film in around 5 min, and that sure is awesome.

Read more – and buy one yourself – at their website – www.lab-box.it

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