So how did it go, with my participation in the ?

Well first of I choose to use three different films, one film, a (expired: July 1966) and two a (expired: November 1994) and a Ektarpress Multi (expired: hmm I don't know).
I used the GEVAPAN and the Ektar 1000 over the weekend, but I only came half-way through the Ektarpress. The weather wasn't working with me, unfortunately. So I didn't get out as much as I had hoped for.
But to my surprise I found out that I had an expired roll of AGFAcolor Portrait XPS 160 (expired: June 2006) film in my 6×7, which ended up in the mix, instead of the Ektarpress.

The GEVAPAN was an ISO 250 film, I shot it at ISO 16, the Ektar 1000 was shot at ISO 250 and the XPS 160 at ISO 80.

When I got to develop the GEVAPAN 33, the film was so old and porous that I accidentally teared the film in two, in the changing bag. And it was completely impossible for me to roll the film onto the developer reel. In pure frustration I ended up curling the film and putting it loosely in the developing tank, and then developing it that way. And to my luck the roll came out OK.

The Ektar 1000 have this turquoise tint in the highlights, and it was a bit under exposed – maybe I should have gone for ISO 125. AGFAcolor turned out really well, and by far the best of the three films, it's also the newest of the bunch, and that definitely also have something to do with it.

Now I just have to cross my fingers and hope I win some of those nice EFD prizes 🙂


Ektar 1000

AGFAcolor Portrait XPS 160

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