Lumière Altipan 21, (shot @ ISO 3), Film

I bought it about a month ago, I have no idea how it was stored before I bought it, but it went straight to the fridge, when it landed at my place.

The film expired in January – that's 54 years ago! – and is the oldest film I tried so far.

I shoot it at ISO 3, that's 5 stops under box speed – you know the rule, 1 stop for every 10 years the film is expired – and then developed as ISO 100 in ID11 at 24 degrees Celsius for 11 minutes.

And I must say I am really surprised by the results, but have a look for yourself.
I added a bit of clarity and contrast to the photos in Lightroom, but that's it.

I used the film in a GW690III .

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