I went by a today, actually I was there a few days ago asking for cameras, they didn't have any but the lady at the counter said she had some at home, and would bring them the next time she was at the store – which was today – and I was more than welcome to drop by and see if there was anything I liked.

She also asked me if I would help her unloaded a film there was in one of the 's, the camera's had belonged to her father, who died in 1999, and she thought that maybe there were some photos of her father and mother from their golden wedding anniversary on there, I, of course, said yes.

So today I was back, and I ended up buying two cameras and a few rolls of film that she had as well. The film she wanted me to unload was a 126 cartridge in an AGFAmatic 50, which I funny enough have made a review of right here. So it was a no-brainer getting that one out 🙂

One of the cameras was a PX-1 – with the original box, manual and a PX-11 flash – which I googled and e-bayed – as I do with all the camera's I buy – but nothing really pops-up regarding the Petri. I know it's a rebranding of the Cosina CX-1, and they share the same specifications. But I wasn't able to find any Petri on e-bay. Anyway, I only paid $4 for it, so I'm pretty sure I haven't overpaid for it.

I just added one of the films I got today, so time will tell if it's really working or not.

Fingers crossed.

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