So what did I do in 2016, with my analog photography?

I started this blog, a thing that I had wanted to do for sometime, but finally got around to make it real in late 2016, and it has already changed name once 🙂 But now I really like the name, so fingers crossed for it’s gonna stay that way forever. And I’ll do what I can to get the site to grow big and strong in 2017.

I’ve made more analog photos in 2016, then I have since I went digital in 2006, and that’s a very cool thing, in my opinion.

I also got a bunch of new – old – camera’s, some of them I haven’t even tried out yet, another most do in 2017.

I participated in EmulsiveSecretSanta for the first time, but definitely not the last time, that was super awesome. If, you into analog photography I highly recommend you to join next year.

I’m spending more time on Twitter, and getting a lot of online analog photographer friends there, which I really enjoy.

So what about 2017?

More analog photography in 2017, definitely! And more Twitter time.
And I’m – hopefully – getting my own little photography room in the attic of the apartment building we live in, in February/March. So maybe I’ll try to develop some of my black and white films myself.

This time of the year is also popular for making list of the best photos, you made in the year passing, and I’m no better than other people, so here are 3 of my favorite analog photos from 2016.

– Fuji Superia X-tra 800

– Impossible Film

Mamiya RZ67 Pro II – Kodak BW400CN

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