eBay is a dangerous and wonderful place at the same time, I can spend hours looking around for good and interesting deals.
And a few weeks ago I “stumbled” upon these two beauties.

Normally I don't go for cameras, that I'm not sure if they are working. But these two came at a very good price, and from the look of it all I thought they would be working, even thought the seller would guarantee anything. So I took the chance and bought – won – both cameras. They are from the same seller, so I could save a little on shipping, with them combined.

The cameras arrived today, and I have just tested them both, so far without film which is the final and only real test, to see if there is anything on the negative. Anyway non film test, tells me that the seams to be working – and is in mint condition – the looked like it was working, but during my testing it seems like the shutter got stuck and stopped working. The camera needs a battery for the lightmeter to work, so I'm not sure if that is working either, but I haven't given up on it just yet.

Here are a little more camera porn.

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