I'm a sucker for cameras – wrote a bit about the Horizont as well – but I never really got the hang of the Belair X, and I recently sold it, because I never used it.

So what was wrong with it? We established that photos are awesome, and that's a fact. I also liked that when using the back, your photo covers the sprocket holes.

But I never managed to get a single sharp photo out of it, not sure if you are meant to, and normally sharpness doesn't matter to me, it's the feeling of the photo that matters. And I admit I got a few of those with the Belair X, but just not as many as I hoped for.
And even though the 35mm back is awesome, it is a bit tricky to use, and in my case didn't always make sense in the way of use. A thing you properly would get use to if you used the regularly.

I only shoot a few rolls of film with it, it was originally made for 120, so the image quality should be a bit better – sharper – here, but I don't think there are any improvements over the 35mm.
You can also get an Instax film back for the camera, I didn't buy it, but again it might be suitable for that kind of photo making.

The camera per se is not a bad or useless camera. It just wasn't my cup of tea.

  • The Looks
  • The Quality
  • The Handling
  • The Price
  • The Output

In Short!

I never really got the hang of it.


  • Panorama
  • 35mm back


  • Too soft focus
  • Expensive
  • A bit tricky to use

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