Normally, there is at least one photo on a roll of film that I like, I’m not talking masterpieces here, just decent photos, but with this no name blue underwater camera, there was none.

There are only two things that are good about this camera. First one is that you can use it underwater – it goes to 5 meters below the surface – and then it has a wide angle lens (28 mm), but the lens have a downside, it’s nowhere near sharp, at least not above water.

In the camera’s defense I have to say that I haven’t use it underwater for real, I have only used it in water as low as my arms/hands goes 🙂 – and maybe it would perform better if you used it while diving, I’m not a diver, but my guess is that a lens/camera don’t have to be tag sharp to make OK underwater photos. So maybe it would perform better, maybe. I guess this should have been a dive and not a stroll….

You can buy one from eBay for around $6-7, if that’s a fair price I can’t say, depends on what you expect from it, and how it really performs underwater.
Would I recommend it? No! – I would properly go after a camera of a better quality and of course also a higher price, but I think you better of that way.

Useful links

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  • The Looks
  • The Quality
  • The Handling
  • The Price
  • The Output

In short!

The worst of the worst, it doesn’t even have a name.


  • It goes under water.
  • 28 mm lens.


  • Everything else.

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