Normally, there is at least one photo on a roll of film that I like, I'm not talking masterpieces here, just decent photos, but with this no name blue underwater , there was none.

There are only two things that are good about this camera. First one is that you can use it underwater – it goes to 5 meters below the surface – and then it has a wide angle lens (28 mm), but the lens have a downside, it's nowhere near sharp, at least not above water.

In the camera's defense I have to say that I haven't use it underwater for real, I have only used it in water as low as my arms/hands goes 🙂 – and maybe it would perform better if you used it while diving, I'm not a diver, but my guess is that a lens/camera don't have to be tag sharp to make OK underwater photos. So maybe it would perform better, maybe. I guess this should have been a dive and not a stroll….

You can buy one from eBay for around $6-7, if that's a fair price I can't say, depends on what you expect from it, and how it really performs underwater.
Would I recommend it? No! – I would properly go after a camera of a better quality and of course also a higher price, but I think you better of that way.

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In short!

The worst of the worst, it doesn't even have a name.


  • It goes under water.
  • 28 mm lens.


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