Well, this is a bit more than a stroll 🙂 I have had 14 rolls of film through this so far – and currently working on number 15 – because it's one of the nicest I have tried so far.
All about this camera just feels right, the size, the old classic look and the feel when you are using it, hey! Even the shutter sound is spot on.

There is one smaller downside to this camera, and that is that the winder can get stuck, so you are unable to use the camera, mine done it once so far, but fortunately enough it's a pretty easy fix, that you can easily do yourself. I fixed mine, and if I can so can you.

I don't really know what more to write about this beauty, other than if you stumble upon one on your way, don't hesitate to buy it.

I love using this camera, as you might have guessed. And I always have a film in it. What I need are some more lenses for it, at the moment I only have a 50mm 1.8 and a 28mm 2.8. Would love a 85mm and a 20mm, maybe one day.

Useful links

  • The Looks
  • The Quality
  • The Handling
  • The Price
  • The Output

In short!

This how an SLR camera should look and feel like.


  • The classic look.
  • The build quality.
  • Shutter sound is awesome!
  • Spot for film cardboard info.


  • Winder breaks (but is easy to fix)

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