Here are the web shops that I mainly use – and of course recommend – when I'm shopping analog stuff.

Remember that I live in Copenhagen, Denmark. So this list is from a European point of view. There are properly bunches of other shops in the US and Asia that are really cool as well. So please feel free to add your favorite(s) in the comments below.
But when you live in Europe (Denmark), the shipping cost from those shops are normally very high, and I have to pay taxes of it as well, and that sort of takes the fun out of it.

There are only three shops that I use – so far – two from Germany and one from the UK.

The “main shop” – aka the shop I use the most – is which is located in Hamburg, Germany I think. Their service is superb and they ship pretty fast. And they respond on Twitter, which is really nice.

The other German shop is, they have a real life shop as well, in Berlin that I actually visit the last time I was in Berlin, recommended if you are in the neighborhood. I normally shop here if Macodirect don't have what I need/want.

The last one is so far I have only shopped there once, but I will definitely do it again. Found them through Twitter – it's a pretty new shop, celebrated their one year birthday a few months ago – so they respond through Twitter as well – and are actually very active there – I fell for them because they have some films I can't get in the two German shops. And they have some FPP films as well – see below – and that is totally awesome, hope they get some more of that in the future.
Let's not hope that this whole Brexit thing is gonna ruin the shipping/tax thing.

A shop that I really wised was placed in Europe – or somewhere with “cheap” shipping – is the web store at The Film Photography Project – the – they have a lot of awesome films in their store that I would really like to try. The shipping cost is just way to high. Their prices are otherwise pretty good/fair.

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