I spend a week this summer at my in-laws in the northern part of Jutland, and as always when I'm up there I go out chasing old at flea markets and in thrift stores.
And as always I end up with a couple (read 8) of New – old – cameras, that I just couldn't live without 🙂

What did I get?

Well I got a few point and shooters, a Topca 35 FL – that looks really crappy, so crappy it wasn't worth a photo in the gallery below 🙂 – a Prima Zoom 70F, bought this one because it had a film in it. And then I got a PC-303S, I got no glue if it's any good, but I really like Pentax, and it's not that often I see a from them.

I also bought three cameras, a Zeiss Ikon Vitessa 500 L (the longest name ever) it looks pretty solid and the shutter is working, I just hope the old cell lightmeter is ok as well.
Second viewfinder is a C35 AF, it just looks brand new, so it was a no brainier to bring that with me.
The last viewfinder is an 35 EC, not sure if this one is working yet, because it needs batteries to work, and I don't have the ones needed at the moment. But it looks awesome, so I really hope it works.

Last but not least, I bought two rangefinders, A Konica C35, I've had two of those before, but this one is in black and in mint condition.
The other one is a 500 G, also in black, but this one has a really nice patina. I also have one of these in the collection, but this one has a working lightmeter.

Looking forward to testing them out, in a near future.

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