Today I went out with the little guy – my son – to have a look at an – as good as – local thrift shop.

It's only open the first Saturday, of every month. But I always find something awesome there, or at least I can't remember coming home from a trip without at least one new “old” .

And today was no different, I manage to get my hands on a SRT 101, Miranda Sensomat RE (with a 50mm f1.4 lens attached) and a Minolta 7s camera. Two a Minolta 45mm f2 and a Dixi f2.8 (Minolta mount), and to top it all off I also got 2 rolls of expired 35mm film. And all that for 250 Dkr (around $39)

Now I'm looking forward to seeing, if they are working 100%. I can only check the shutter and so when I'm in the shop. I can't check if the light meter is working, before I get home and up at my loft, where all my tools and batteries are, hopefully, I get to do that tomorrow.

Ohh and since the little one was with me today, we ended up with a good handful of toy cars for him as well, only fair that if dad gets new toys, he should as well 🙂

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