I bought this very AGFAPAN 25, it expired in January . I shot it at box speed with my . But when I got it developed I pushed it 1 stop.
The film came back very dark – I should properly have shot it as an ISO 6 film (+2 stops) – but I was able to pull out a lot of info in the dark areas.

Here's a SOOC photo, it's only been scanned on an Epson V700 using Vuescan with no adjustment settings (as I do all my scans)

And here's the result after a few quick adjustments in Lightroom.

I really like the looks you can get by using old film, there is something unique about it.
I admit that sometimes the grittiness can get a bit too much, but when it's just right, it really is amazing to look at.

Here are a few more for that roll. All with the same LR adjustments as above.

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