Kodacolor-X, ISO 80 (shot @ ISO 20), 35mm

I had this very old Kodacolor film lying around for some time, and I wasn’t sure what to do with. It expired in January 1972 – so it’s 2 years older than I am – and was meant to be process in C22, and process that don’t exist anymore.

I recently found out that old C22 films, can be processed in today’s black and white chemicals.
I also recently started developing my own black and white films, so I wanted to process this one myself. But I had only developed 3 films before this one, so I was unsure on how long I was going to keep the film in the developer tank.
I turned to Twitter and with the  hashtag I asked for advice and  was kind enough to answer me (thanks a lot for helping me out).

So I ended up developing it in Ilford ID-11 – the only bw process I have tried so far – at 22 C. and for 7 minutes.

It was a 12 exposure roll, but I manage to squeeze 14 photos out of it.

I’m actually quiet amazed by the result, all though I was about to throw out the film, because it was so dark/dense that in my normal kitchen light I wasn’t able to se any photos on it. It wasn’t until I was holding it up to a light bulb, that I was able to figure out some photos.

The photos look best in a smaller image size, once you zoom in full size, the grain kills a lot of the details. But I still think it’s pretty cool for a 45-year-old film, to produce this kind of photos.

I scanned the film on my Epson V700, with auto exposure setting. I added a some contrast and clarity in Lightroom, to get the results you see below.

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