You just got to love these “Instamatics”

There isn’t much to ’em and they are actually quite unsightly, but they make some cool photos.

It’s all plastic, but it seems to last.

Mine was my fathers,  don’t know when he bought it, but my guess is sometime in the late 70 ties. And the camera still works today, but it might be because it hasn’t been used for a decade or two, I think that if you where gonna use it regularly, it properly wouldn’t last as long.

It doesn’t get any easier.

Then with these old Instamatic cameras. You just pop in a 126 cartridge, close the lid, and your ready to go. The problem now a days, is that it’s quiet expensive to get hold of a 126 cartridge, you can find them on eBay, or if your lucky in a camera at a flea market.
A downside to that, is that the film is very old – and not kept in a cold place – and that can give you some problems. Like with the film I used in my Agfamatic. As you can see they are all under exposed, and not very usable.

I added an extra galley below, with photo’s I made with a Kodak Instamatic 55x, just to show you that you can also get some really cool photo’s.

I recently bought an adapter, which makes it possible to use normal 35mm film in an Instamatic. You can get them here at Camerahack I’ll also make a review of the adapter once I have used it a few more times.

Mine was free!

As I mentioned earlier I got mine from my father – which means for free – but Instamatic’s come really cheap, you can find them at flea markets for a few bucks.


As far as I can figure out, I made my very first photo with this camera, way back in 1982. and that is pretty awesome. But other than that, there isn’t really anything awesome about this camera, other than it’s old and super easy to use.

NB: I know it’s only the Kodak version, that’s called Instamatic, but it is my perception that Instamatic is the common name used for these kind of camera’s.  


Photo Gallery

Photo's made with a Kodak Instamatic 55X

My dad's old camera
  • 10%
    Design - 10%
  • 35%
    Quality - 35%
  • 100%
    Handling - 100%
  • 95%
    Price - 95%
  • 75%
    Awesomeness - 75%



  • No settings
  • Super lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • Long lasting


  • 126 cartridge
  • No settings
  • Expensive to use

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