Well, this is my younger brother, father and mother on a camping ground somewhere in sometime in the early 80s (1981 or 82 I think).
And since I'm not in the photo, I must be behind the , and it's the oldest photo I can find – I have look through every photo album at my parents house – with me behind the trigger, so that must make it my very first photo.

Of course, I can't rule out that I made one of the photos – that are older than this one – with just tourist attractions in them, but this is the oldest one I could find, where I'm sure I'm the photographer.

I only scanned in the printed photo – my mother threw out most of their negatives 😮 – on my Epson 700 flatbed scanner, no post processing at all on this one. I'm pretty sure the photo was taken with this AGFAmatic that I've been given by my father.

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