I spend the afternoon in company with my very good friend Tobias, his son Karl and my own son , We sat out to get some things in IKEA, and on the way home, we stopped at a few thrift stores, to look for old gear.

We both have a Sony a7rII, that we like to put old – and new – lenses on. And I also like to look for old cameras.

We visited four stores, and I found cameras that I liked, in three of them.

I found as follows.

  1. AF-1
    I already got one – and sold one earlier – but I know I can properly exchange it for a roll of film or two at my local camera pusher. It also had a working CR-P 2 battery – 25 Dkr. ($3,75).
    That's pretty beat up, but the light meter and rangefinder is working, but unfortunately, the shutter isn't.
    It had a half used film inside, that I can use for my art project – 20 Dkr. ($3).
  3. Olympus AZ-220 Widezoom
    The camera seems to work, but it's not a camera I'm gonna keep. Bought it because it had a film inside and two working CR123A Batteries and it was cheap – 25 Dkr. ($3,75).
  4. LXI AF
    I never heard of the camera before, I thought it was a because it was in a small leather bag with Yashica written on it. It takes two AA batteries, but I think there's something wrong with the connections, It turns on and off. I might give a go at fixing it because I think it's a pretty cool looking camera, and it has a f:2.8 lens – 7,50 Dkr ($1,13)

So, all in all, I think it was a pretty good catch, and for me, it's just as much the thrill of the hunt as the actual catch.

Here's the rest of the catch

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