Developed in the Df96 mono bath from Cinestill at 26 degrees for 3,5 minutes. In the LAB-BOX from Ars-Imago – that I stopped using now.

Washi is the smallest film company in the world – according to the founder Lomig Perrotin.
All films are made by hand, and there are some really interesting films here.

Film “S” is a film used by motion picture professionals for sound recording. is has a very high contrast, and not that much grain.

So far I've only shot one roll – this one – of the “S” film, but I really like the high contrast. I, all ready bought 4 more rolls – 2 in 35mm and 2 in – that I'll properly use once Spring/Summer is coming.

But have a look for yourself below. I really like the first two, not only because it's my kids, but also because of the contrast and mood.

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