, (EI 16), Film

I used this one in the expired film day event on Twitter. It's one of the oldest film I ever tried, it expired July 1966. I have no idea of how the film was stored before I got it, but it has been in a fridge since I bought it.

I shoot it with my MAT LM, I developed it in ID-11 at 24 degrees Celsius, for 20 minutes. (it was the last film roll I developed in that mixture, after I threw out the developer)

When I got to develop the film, the film was so old and porous that I accidentally teared the film in two, in the changing bag. And it was completely impossible for me to roll the film onto the developer reel. In pure frustration I ended up curling the film and putting it loosely in the developing tank, and then developing it that way. And to my luck the roll came out OK.

Home development is still pretty new to me, I have only tried ID-11, Tmax and Adox Silvermax. So I don't know if there is a developer that's better with . But so far I tried ID-11 and Tmax, and I think they both do a pretty good job.
Do you have a developer that you prefer to use when developing expired film?

Here's a little gallery with the three best photo's from the roll.

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