The plan is to make this a monthly post, where I recommend something that I like, find awesome or useful. Of course, it has to have something to do with analog photography. But other than that, there are no limitations on what I recommend.

So off we go!

I wanted the first post in this series to be something special and really cool. But the only cool thing I could come up with was a website 🙂 and not that, that is uncool at all – depends on the link of course – but with Emulsive you are never wrong.

This site is a must go, for every analog photographer, it's run by the mysterious EM, and filled to the rim with analog goodness.

Some of my favorite posts are “this is why I shoot film” interviews series, the “5 frames with” which inspired me to make my “a few frames from” and of course all the amazing reviews.
But there is a ton of good stuff to dig into.

Bonus ! – He's also the brain behind “Emulsive Secret Santa” which I have been a part of the last 3 years, and it's been a lot of fun, every year. So join in!

So I'll just bow out and pass you over to the Emulsive website.

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