• ISO: 80
  • Film format:
  • Developed: Black & white at the local film lab
  • :
  • Expired: No

I backed Ferrania on ages ago, they should have delivered the reward back in April 2015 🙂 But I'm still keeping my hopes up, because we can't have enough analog filmmakers in this world.
Sometime ago they introduce the film, which wasn't a part of the Kickstarter project. But they offered backers to buy the film – with a discount – or just get the P30 instead of the real Kickstarter reward.
I chose to buy a few rolls and then stay true to my Kickstarter commitment.
And what a film – glad I still have 2 rolls left – I really like this little gem, the dynamic range is awesome and the fine grain, just the same.
I hope they are able to make some more of it, at the moment it looks like it's sold out, everywhere.

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